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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, asia markets closed down by as much as 4% just a minute ago. now all eyes are on u.s. markets due to open in just a few hours: for the first time since america lost its perfect credit rating. plus, ed lee has made a firm decision about the race for san francisco mayor. we'll have a live report straight ahead. and one of the navy 1:.a.l.s on that helicoptercc that crashed in afghanistan this weekend has strong family ties to the bay area. we'll share his story. the news starts right now.
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>> good sunday evening. i'm diane dwyer. many americans are going to bed tonight, wondering what is going to happen to their savings when the u.s. markets open tomorrow morning. and if markets overseas are any indication, it's not good. in asia, the hang seng is down 4% and the nikkei down a little more than 1%. today treasury secretary timothy geithner spoke exclusively to nbc about the s&p's decision to downgrade the u.s. credit rating. >> i think s&p has shown really terrible judgment, and they have handled themselves very poorly and shown a stunning lack of knowledge about u.s. budget math. they drew exactly the wrong conclusion. >> reporter: no matter, the decision has created tensions in markets across the globe. and the president, who returned from camp david this afternoon, faces a huge task as a brewing debt crisis in europe compounds the situation. former fed chairman alan greenspan had this prediction. >> the initial reaction in my judgment is going to be negative.
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what i think the s&p thing did was to hit a nerve that there is something basically bad going on, and it's hit the self-esteem of the united states, the psyche. >> reporter: s&p officials warned of a one in three chance of another downgrade next year if america's financial position gets worse, or political gridlock becomes more entrenched. and if today was any indication, away any s not goingcc1: time soon. with republicans and democrats still blaming each other. >> this is the tea party of grade because a minoritycc1: people in the house of representatives countered even the will of many republicans in the united states senate. who were prepared to do a bigger deal. >> well, i agree there is dysfunction in our system, and a lot of it has to do with the failure of the president of the lead.1:states to cc >> reporter: for many americans, the big question is when will fasternomy start growingcc1: and adding more jobs. secretary geithner tried to
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reassure americans that the u.s. verycc1: least can avoid a double-dip recession, but the words are vague. >> our country is much stronger than washington. we have a very resilient economy. we're a very strong country. and have i enormous confidence in the basic regenerative capacity.cc1: >> dow futures are off by about 2% right now. we have breaking news out of san francisco tonight. san francisco mayor ed lee will run for mayor after all. he told the chronicle, quote, i changed my mind when referring to a promise not to run in the upcoming san franciscoal election. it ends months of speculation about whether lee will throw his hat in the ring. monte francis is live at city hall with late details for us. monte? >> reporter: diane, good evening. ed lee is expected to make it official here at city hall at 9:00 tomorrow morning and file papers at the election's office. and he told the chronicle
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tonight, quote, i've changed my mind. i know it might be hard for people to understand that innge, but my change of mindcc: seeking this office has everything to do with wanting what is best for this city. on the eve of ed lee's big announcement, it seemed oddly fitting that san francisco's interim mayor attended the city's annual tribute to jerry garcia, and quoted the iconic guitarist. >> you want to be the best of the best. but his real point was you wanted to be the only one to do what you liked to do and could do. >> reporter: what lee could do is clear. what he will do as of this morning he still wasn't saying. are you going the make a big announcement tomorrow? >> i'm just -- i'm just here to celebrate jerry day today. >> reporter: lee perhaps tipped his hand when he told the chronicle he would not accept public campaign funds if he 1:run. tocc it is something that would differentiate him from all the
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candidates. different.c1: he is not your standard career politician, no question about it. how will that go? will people say it's a good thing or a bad thing? dealcc1: of me a good the momentum the other candidates have? >> run, ed, run! >> reporter: the run, ed, run campaign credits ed with improving the tone at city hall. but others think lee should keep his promise and return to his old position as city administrator. >> we have a lot of good candidates. i don't see why he would break his promise and think he is the who1: can run san francisco. >> reporter: at least five mayoral candidates agree and have asked the ethics commission to investigate whether a group all, which ess forcc1: bankrolled the run ed run drive has already broken election laws. >> he also has a lot of heavy hitters behind him. so we're inserting into the mix a different type of candidate in a very rich race already.cc1: >> reporter: and ed lee is a ected to take part incc1: candidate forum tomorrow night
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theater.strocc1: lee told the chronicle he changed his mind, but said that he had not changed, said that he still considers that he is not a onitician, but he is focusedcc: getting things done for the city. live in san francisco, monte franc francis, nbc bay areas news. leaders are now investigating whether the taliban was behind the single deadliest incident in ten-year war in afghanistan. 30 u.s. service members and werecc1: an soldiers killed when a helicopter went down. among those was a navy s.e.a.l. whose father and aunt lived in the south bay. nbc bay area's kimberly tere talked with the family today and is here with more. >> reporter: kevin houston comes from a military family who says they're used to sacrifice. but they say nothing could prepare them for this. u.s. official says the navy s.e.a.l.s had just completed a rescue mission to help a u.s. army ranger unit that had come
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under fire as they were taking off, their chopper went houston's family says they are cc1:nly mourning the loss of houston, but the loss of every other soldier killed in yesterday's deadly crash. kevin houston decided in the fifth grade he was going to be a navy s.e.a.l. >> and we were sitting there at he said this cc1: little head pops up out of the water and he had a knife in his mouth. what are you doing? i'm practicing to be a s.e.a.l., mom. >> reporter: 36-year-old houston was raised on the east coast, but he spent time with his father's side of the family in san jose. >> he is a beautiful person. and i give thanks for knowing him. and being a part of his family. seeing him grow. >> reporter: on saturday morning, his family got word that his family was in a helicopter that shot down in afghanistan. he is among the 30 operations troops who were killed. >> i was thinking what was he thinking when he was hit and
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going down? that's just not the way you want to know somebody leaving the world. you know, we all got to go one day. but you want to go that way, and knowing kevin, he probably had that smile and said this is what i had to do. i'm sure. that1: crooked smile on his face saying hold on, you guys, we're going down. he did.: so god's got a soldier. > reporter: for houston'scc1: father, the death is especially since he lost his only other child to cancer five years ago. >> i just wish him well. he is my son. and if i could trade places with him, i wouldn't trade, you know. i would have went there and let him stay here. >> reporter: houston enlisted in
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the navy right after graduating from high school and had been on several tours in afghanistan. sayscc1: he left them with good memories, and important lessons on generosity and commitment to your family and generosity. >> you see on tv when people get to the door and that's not how it happened. well, that's how it happened. and when his wife opened that door and saw those people i wish i was ,cc1: there to catch her, because i know she needed somebody. so i want people just to know love. because we only got one chance. >> reporter: houston will be buried at arlington national cemetery, his father and aunts are hoping to get the money together to make that cross-country trip. they say it's important to them to be able to say goodbye. houston is survived by his wife and three children who live in virginia. in the newsroom, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for that story, kimberly.cc1: we have two new developments
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tonight regarding the deadly pge explosion in san bruno last year. the chronicle is reporting pge leaders were warned in detail two months before the blast that the situation posed an unacceptable risk. pge's in-house risk management group reportedly all but predicted the explosion according to documents filed recently with state regulators. and the other development is that employees have come forward to accuse pge of creating a culture where they were concerned about retaliation if they raised safety concerns. he san jose mercury newscc1: reports that one man whose job was to look for fraud and other misconduct said he was laid off when complained about possibly : falsified gas leaks. a pge spokesperson denied the allegation and said quote, we encourage employees to bring things up because that is the only way we can be a safe company. the explosion last september killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes.cc1: and still ahead at 11:00,
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san jose's police chief is taking some heat just six months into the job. you why.wcc1: plus -- >> i solve problems extremely passion in it's mycc1: life. >> computer hackers don't necessarily scream model employee. but one prestigious u.s. agency is looking to hire them by the thousands. we'll explain. and i hope you enjoyed your weekend. weather-wise, it was still a little cool. cooler than average, that is. just 73 in song today. 81, concord. about 10 degrees below average future a lot of us. but there are some cnges, and the details are just ahead. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou cardcc1: and started earning loads of points.
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a three-alarm grass fire in benicia came dangerously close to some homes this afternoon. the fire started near the benicia community park neighborhood around 4:30. the flames got within several of of several backyardscc1: nearby homes. about 40 firefighters from county were able to cc ten acre fire in ocontrol in about an hour. no structures were damaged and there were no injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. he has been on the job for just six months. and tonight we're learning that san jose's police chief has been out of town 12 times. has faced josecc1:cc1: historic police layoffs and a soaring homicide rate. "the mercury news" revealed chief chris moore's travel records and revealed he has taken more trips than any other current or former police chief in the state totalling to a month away from san jose. most of those trips were to washington, d.c. moore says he has to travel
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because he has taken a leading role to create a national public safety broad band network.cc1:c: a bay area sports personality has created quite an uproar. today it prompted a response from san francisco manager bruc: bochy. tony bruno is a radio host, and: it came after this brawl between the giants and philliesed on friday. the fight started after giants reliever ramon ramirez pitched a ball that hit a phillies batter in the lower back. to tweet nt led brunocc1: the following message. he said, and i quote, gutless giants. hisy is a coward for havingcc1: illegal alien pitcher hit a guy since mighty frisco boys, and then the tweet stops right there.cc1: bruno quickly removed the tweet and later apologized. bochy had this reaction. >> forget the remarks about me. that is about me. but for a guy to make a racist likecc1: that and have to
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air so many people, that bother: me. i can defend myself as a coward, but i don't know if you can defend yourself making a racist comment. >> ramirez, who is from the dominican republic said he wanted to assure everyone he is in the united states and in the interest of full does some worknocc1: for comcast sports, which is owned by the same company as this television station. there is a growing concern that many, by many that is that the u.s. is falling behind in technology security after the computer hacking group called anonymous recently launch cyberattack on dozen of u.s. sites. you might be surprised where officials are now looking for recruits to try to fight back. >> reporter: at this las vegas conference of computer geeks, the federal government is looking for hackers. but it's not trying to arrest them, it's trying to hire them.: >> you're dealing with the brightest people in the world.
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these people come together to exchange and share ideas. and we need those type of people. >> reporter: the national security agency, nsa, for decades the eavesdropper in chief is scrambling to deploy more troops on the latest security battlefield. life version of cyberattacks depicted on the tv series "24" and the movie "die-hard 4." hackers target the stock market or the air grid, air traffic controls or phone networks. >> we are everyone's target. we will always have that bulls-eye on our shirt. >> reporter: dickey george is the man in charge, director for information assurance.cc1: he says the agency is looking to hire nearly 3,000 cyberexperts in the next two years, and the computer whizzes at places like that las vegas hacker convention are made to order. >> i solve problems extremely quickly, and i enjoy learning. it's my passion in life. i think with that skill set, that would be valuable to anyone. >> we need them. there are too few people on our
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side right now. >> reporter: it's the cyberversion of it takes a thief to catch a thief. nsa wants experts who can strengthen computer defenses, probe for weaknesses, and detect attacks in their earliest stages. very day brings word thatcc1: cyberthieves have stolen secrets from companies and the government. and the new report from the cybersecurity firm mcafee offers a dramatic example. it detected sophisticated sustained attacks on 72 public and private targets in the past five years, all from a single source widely thought to be china. >> the government's concern is state-sponsored espionage on an unprecedented scale. foreign governments targeting our nation's networks and the private sector network. that's why the government is hiring so many new cyberspecialists. >> reporter: and giving hackers the chance to work for the good guys. pete williams at the national security agency in maryland. all right. so now we're going to check in with nick o'kelly. what is up with the guy with the
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mask? >> and the name too. dark shadow? >> dark phoenix. >> even better. i need a nickname. well, it would be nick, right? >> there you go. >> temperatures this hour in the 50s to low 60s. a little cool out there today. a little cooler than average. hard to complain. it's very mild around the bay. but the strong onshore flow wind flow has been the story for, well, it seems like weeks, hasn't it? temperatures below the normal. that's going to continue for the next couple of days. some slight changes. some modest warming i think through the middle part of this week. early drizzle tomorrow morning because of that strong yoonshor and deeper marine layer. a trough has been sitting across the west coast. it's going lift to the north just a bit as high pressure builds into southern california. patchy drizzle, a little fog early on tomorrow morning. lows mainly in the mid-50s. i think we're going to hold out hope for a little more sunshine for you around santa cruz by tomorrow afternoon. it wasn't a bad finish to our
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weekend at the beaches. well saw a little sun peeking through. 80 san jose. that's a little closer to average. we're warping things up three to five degrees over what we saw today, with the exception of the coastal area as which will be cool and breezy. 81 san ramon tomorrow. 76 kentfield. and for santa rosa, 78 degrees. 79 in novato. here is the extended forecast. modest warming. not exactly hot, but the warmest inland spots i think through the iddle part of the week couldcc: hit that 90-degree mark. >> all right. fair enough. thank you, nick. still ahead at 11:00, one bay area county is sweetening an already sweet deal. we'll show you how you can double your rebate when spending money to make your home more energy efficient. plus -- >> good evening. i'm laurence scott. coming up tonight on "sports sunday," what is all the noise in napa? it's a very vocal raiders camp. we talk with new head coach hugh jackson about that. plus, introduce you to the new and tell you49ers,cc1:
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will be closed monday through thursday from 12:30 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. then southbound lanes will be th1: through ust 15cc the 18th between 1:00 and 4:30 a.m. thsoe rean for the shutdowns so crews can paint a new bike and pedestrianover crossing. thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 11:00. update.sportscc1: the giants beat the phillies today, 2-1. and oakland beat tampa, 5-4. "sports sunday" is up next with laurence scott. good night. r cc1:cc1:cc1:cc1:
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and now an nbc bay area editorial. >> i'm suzanne shaw, nbc bay editorial director. just weeks ago a back door deal was slipped into the state budget with no public this new law bans teacher layoffs, and if revenues fall short, as many suspect, the school year may be cut to 168 days, one of the shortest in the nation. critics call this outrageous, and a recipe for disaster.
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we're all for saving jobs, but nbc bay area believes it's up to local districts to decide the best way to balance their books. it's wrong for sacramento to from cc1:ement power away local leaders. and it's wrong to put big money lobbyists like the teachers union ahead of the local control our governor promised. urge your legislators to support a cleanup bill to empower cc1: schools to do what is right for students who don't have a lobby. join us online, cc1: tonight on "sports sunday," it might get loud. the raiders with a vocal camp in napa to hear head coach hugh jackson tell it. pumping up the bass in your
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voice is the key. while we get the inside word from the 49ers' new radio caster who will have his voice heard nearly every day this coming season. and san mateo favorite new england patriot once played baseball in japan, just like these kids will the coming week, having already been celebrated by the giants. get ready for takeoff. good evening. i'm laurence scott. we're into the second month of a new format here on "sports sunday," with a focus on conversations and feature stories about our bay area sports scene. we're going beyond sound bites to bring you complete thoughts, and we're thinking a lot tonight about the raiders and the 49ers. after getting off to a slow start in the free agency frenzy, the niners have come on strong as of late.


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